Modular Texts Series Series

Health Promotion

Global Principles and Practice

Edited by Rachael Dixey
January 2013
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    9th January 2013
  • ISBN 9781845939724
  • Language English
  • Pages 240 pp.
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Health promotion is a key mechanism in tackling the foremost health challenges faced by developing and developed nations. Covering key concepts, theory and practical aspects of health promotion, this textbook addresses the topic on a global scale.

Suitable for students studying health promotion, public health nursing and related subjects, this book focuses on the key themes central to contemporary health promotion practice, such as social determinants, equality and equity, policy and health, working in partnerships, sustainability, evaluation and evidence-based practice. It outlines the critical application of health promotion to practice throughout the chapters, and summarizes the future directions of professional health promotion practice. Placing a strong emphasis on a global context, this book provides a practical guide to achieving worldwide health as well an accessible and engaging academic resource, also of interest to health practitioners and NGOs.

1. The Foundations of Health Promotion
2. Healthy Communities
3. Healthy Public Policy
4. Communicating Health
5. Practising Health Promotion
6. Towards the Future of Health Promotion

Rachael Dixey

Rachael Dixey is at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.