Principles and Protocols Series Series

Fungal Plant Pathogens

April 2012
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    23rd April 2012
  • ISBN 9781845936686
  • Language English
  • Pages 324 pp.
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Covering the key techniques used when working with fungal plant pathogens, this practical manual deals with recognition of disease symptoms, detection and identification of fungi and methods to characterize them, as well as curation, quarantine and quality assurance. The book is unique in its practical focus, providing an overview of both traditional and emerging methods and their applications, and detailed protocols on completion techniques such as microscopy, PCR (polymerase chain reaction), ELISA, freeze drying and DNA storage. Fungal Plant Pathogens provides a valuable guide to investigating fungal plant diseases and interpreting laboratory findings for postgraduate and advanced undergraduates students, extension plant pathologists, and consultants and advisers in agriculture and horticulture and the food supply chain.

1. Introduction to fungal plant pathogens
2. Examination of plant material
3. Detection of fungal plant pathogens from plants, soil, water and air
4. Detection of fungal plant pathogens in seeds
5. Identification of fungi based on morphological features
6. Cultural characterisation of fungal plant pathogens
7. Serological techniques for diagnosis
8. Molecular techniques for diagnosis
9. Fingerprinting techniques
10. Maintenance and storage of fungal plant pathogens
11. Quarantine procedures for working with fungal plant pathogens
12. Quality Assurance procedures

Charles R. Lane

Charles R. Lane is at the Central Science Laboratory (CSL), UK.

Paul Beales

Paul Beales is at the Central Science Laboratory (CSL), UK.

Kelvin J. D. Hughes

Kelvin J. D. Hughes is at the Central Science Laboratory (CSL), UK.