CABI Tourism Texts Series

Contemporary Tourist Behaviour

Yourself and Others as Tourists

August 2009
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    11th August 2009
  • ISBN 9781845935207
  • Language English
  • Pages 304 pp.
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The behavior of tourists - what their motivations are, what impact their behavior has on the places they visit, the decisions they make - is a fundamental aspect in understanding the tourism industry as a whole. Contemporary Tourist Behaviour provides an in-depth examination of how and why tourists behave as they do, and how this is perceived by hosts and outside agencies, covering national characteristics of tourists from around the world, effects of everyday events and governmental and environmental factors, and tourists' consideration of sustainable principles.

Section 1: Admiring the Panorama, 1. The Tourist Today, 2. Country-file: Tourist Nations, 3. A Life in Travel, 4. Life Change: Tourist Experience and Beyond

Section 2: Focusing the Binoculars, 5. Models of Tourist Behaviour, 6. Economic and Social Influences, 7. The Driving Force of Motivation, 8. Logical Decision or Lucky Dip, 9. In-use Experience, 10. Fulfilling the Promise - Tourist Satisfaction

Section 3: Enjoying the Slide Show, 11. The Power of Brand and Celebrity, 12. The Importance of Family, 13. Of Fear, Flight and Feistiness, 14. Giving Tourism - the Intangible Gift, Section 4: Gazing Into the Crystal Ball, 15. Limits to Travel? The Environmental Tourist, 16. The Tourist Tomorrow

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