Reframing Space for Learning

Excellence and innovation in university teaching

August 2019
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    UCL IOE Press
  • Published
    19th August 2019
  • ISBN 9781782772460
  • Language English
  • Pages 306 pp.
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The concept, use, and experiences of "space" in higher education have a deep influence on students and teachers.

Reframing Space for Learning uniquely explores space as both a "learning place" that may be physical, virtual, in work or in the field, and a "belonging space" in which learners and teachers can engage and develop individually and collectively. Featuring the work of 40 experienced university teachers, most of whom are UK National Teaching Fellows, the book describes and analyzes innovative ways of using place and space for learning in a range of disciplines in higher education. In so doing, it provides practical ideas, solutions and inspiration for practitioners responsible for delivering learning in spaces within and outside universities, nationally and internationally, for undergraduates, postgraduates, adult learners and staff.

National Teaching Fellowships, awarded by the UK's Higher Education Academy, celebrate and recognize individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and the learning and teaching profession in higher education.

"This exciting collection offers an innovative and creative perspective on teaching and learning in higher education. All those who teach in universities - and their students - will benefit significantly from the many new insights it provides."

Chris James, Professor of Educational Leadership and Management, University of Bath

"An important addition to the growing literature exploring interactions between the social and physical dimensions of learning in higher education. The authors are experienced teachers who have located their own practical experiences within conceptual ideas about space and learning, and the resulting case studies powerfully convey this integration of theory and practice."

Paul Temple, Honorary Associate Professor, Centre for Higher Education Studies, UCL Institute of Education

"In a busy world, where control and even surveillance are not far away, the matter of learning space becomes critical if higher education is to fulfil its responsibilities. Reframing Space for Learning takes these considerations seriously, and opens windows into spacious forms of teaching. Through accessible chapters, the voices of students, diagrams, and photographs, multiple spaces are not just depicted, but are here created. This lively and optimistic text demonstrates that new kinds of education are possible in universities. On the evidence here, the university still harbours spaces, and of many kinds."

Ronald Barnett, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education, UCL Institute of Education

Foreword, by Becky Huxley-Binns
Introduction: Reframing spaces for learning, by Tim Bilham
1. Beyond the walls: Learning and the importance of place, by Tim Bilham
2. Authentic learning through place-based education, by Derek France, Alice Mauchline, Brian Whalley, Martina A. Doolan and Tim Bilham
3. Crossin’ the Bridge: Learning in community places, by Tess Maginess and Tim Bilham
4. Moveable feasts: Unusual learning in unexpected spaces, by Alison James
5. Creative learning spaces: Facilitating student-led learning, by Carrie Winstanley and Kirsten Hardie
6. Making learning spaces: Working with architects and estates, by Ingrid Murphy, Gareth Thomson, Kevin Singh and Tim Bilham
7. Borderland spaces: Moving towards self-authorship, by Jennifer Hill, Helen Walkington and Pauline Kneale
8. Space for the self: Creating my academic identity, by Mary Hartog
9. Creating space for the self: Thinking differently, by Celia Hunt
10. Space for belonging: Induction and beyond, by Ruth Matheson and Mark Sutcliffe
11. Spaces for performance: Becoming a professional, by Laura Ritchie and Ben Hall
12. Recognizing the interior and relational spaces of workplace learning, by Ruth Helyer, Philip Frame and Mary Hartog
13. Live projects: Collaborative learning in and with authentic spaces, by Jane Anderson
14. Collaborative and reflective spaces for developing professional practitioners, by Claire Hamshire, Deborah O’Connor and Kirsten Jack
15. Reframing spaces for staff learning, by Joy Jarvis and Rebecca Thomas
16. Towards a learning landscape: The potential for technologies to create social learning spaces, by Peter Klappa, Simon Lancaster, Helena Gillespie, Claire Hamshire and Tim Bilham
17. Expanding the cross-cultural space: Providing international experiences in the digital global classroom, by Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, Catherine McDermott and Rachel Forsyth
18. Without walls: Using massive open online courses to extend collaborative learning spaces
19. Thinking outside the box: Utilizing real-world space in teaching and learning, by Clive Holtham and Angela Dove
Postscript: Teaching excellence and the NTFS, by Sally Brown

Tim Bilham

Tim Bilham is an independent writer and teaching consultant.

Claire Hamshire

Claire Hamshire is Faculty Head of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Mary Hartog

Mary Hartog is Director of Leadership and Organization Practice at Middlesex University Business School.

Martina A. Doolan

Dr. Martina A. Doolan is a Blended Learning Teacher and University Teaching Fellow at the University of Hertfordshire.