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Communicable Diseases Edition 5

A Global Perspective

May 2016
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    2nd May 2016
  • ISBN 9781780647425
  • Language English
  • Pages 352 pp.
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Completely updated and revised, and now published in its fifth edition with an integrated eBook, this prestigious and best-selling text has continued to provide an essential overview of the subject for over 20 years. A comprehensive yet synoptic account of diseases and their modes of transmission, the book covers epidemiology, control strategies, notifications and regulations, as well as an overview of the major diseases established, new and emerging.

- Concise so that key information can be found at a glance
- Numerous clear diagrams, bullet points and tables for rapid review and learning
- Integrated eBook for online or download to a desktop, tablet or smartphone

Communicable Diseases continues to provide an essential resource for all those in public health and medical science, and for healthcare workers needing a comprehensive yet concise practical text.

1. Elements of Communicable Diseases
2. Communicable Disease Theory
3. Control Principles and Methods
4. Control Strategy and Organization
5. Notification and Health Regulations
6. Classification of Communicable Diseases
7. Diseases of Poor Hygiene
8. Faecal–Oral Diseases
9. Food-borne Diseases
10. Diseases of Soil Contact
11. Diseases of Water Contact
12. Skin Infections
13. Respiratory Diseases and Other Airborne-transmitted Infections
14. Diseases Transmitted via Body Fluids
15. Insect-borne Diseases
16. Ectoparasite Zoonoses
17. Domestic and Synanthropic Zoonoses
18. Pregnancy and Infection
19. New and Emerging Diseases
20. List of Communicable Diseases

Roger Webber

Roger Webber is formerly of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK.