An Introduction to Economics Edition 4

Concepts for Students of Agriculture and the Rural Sector

December 2014
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    12th December 2014
  • ISBN 9781780644752
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  • Pages 256 pp.
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This book provides a simple but effective introduction to economics. Fully updated and revised, this fourth edition incorporates the recent changes that have taken place in the environment in which agriculture operates. Covering the impacts of the EU expansion to 28 Member States, major changes to financial support of agriculture, financial crises, economic recession and, in many countries, high levels of unemployment, it provides a rounded and up-to-date introduction to the subject. The inclusion of chapter-focused exercises, essay questions and further reading suggestions make this textbook an invaluable learning tool for students of agriculture, economics and related sectors.


1. What is Economics?
2. Explaining the Behaviour of Individuals: Theory of Consumer Choice
3. Demand and Supply: the Price Mechanism in a Market Economy
4. Markets and Competition
5. Production Economics: Theory of the Firm
6. Factors of Production and their Rewards: Theory of Distribution
7. Market Failure: Some Problems of Using the Market to Allocate Resources
8. Macroeconomics: the Workings of the Whole Economy
9. International Trade
10. Government Policy for Agriculture and Rural Areas

Appendix 1 Essay Questions
Appendix 2 Suggested Answers and Explanations for the Exercises following each Chapter
Suggested Further Reading

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