The Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy Slider

Multiple copy pack
March 2019
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  • Publisher
    Stylus Publishing
  • Published
    11th March 2019
  • ISBN 9781642670448
  • Language English
  • Size 4" x 10"

The Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy Slider is a quick hand-held reference guide for developing course objectives, and can be used to promote backward design. Taking the form of a slide rule, for each level of cognitive learning it suggests outcome verbs, assessment questions, and instructional strategies. It is designed to accomplish three things:

  • Help faculty ask good questions. The suggested outcome verbs and assessment questions will facilitate the creation of essay questions for exams and quizzes, prompts for classroom discussions, and items designed to solicit formative feedback from students.
  • Suggest instructional strategies to use in the classroom. The slider offers faculty a selection of ideas on how to mix things up a bit in class by providing suggestions for a wide variety of instructional strategies that are appropriate at each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Promote backward design thinking. It is designed to help faculty better understand the cognitive level of their backward design efforts.

Only sold in packs of 25.

Bloom's Taxonomy; course objectives; backward design