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Assessing and Improving Student Organizations

Resources for Facilitators CD-ROM

May 2010
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This companion to the Guide for Students and Student Workbook includes the complete set of PowerPoint slides, a PDF of the Facilitator’s Guide in PPT slide show format, and PDFs of all scoring sheets, handouts and project planning guides needed for the AISO process.

Purpose and Elements of the AISO Program
The Assessing and Improving Student Organization (AISO) program is intended as a guide for leaders of student-led college organizations. It is designed to promote the self-assessment by both organizational leaders and their members, to help them with planning and improvement, and to assist them in responding to reviews by governing bodies and national chapters.

Apart from affording their members a structure for engaging with peers in activities of mutual interest, collegiate organizations provide them with hands-on opportunities for enhancing understanding of groups and organizations, and how they operate, and for acquiring and practicing the leadership, communication and collaborative skills that are so important for personal and professional effectiveness throughout life.

The program consists of three elements: a Guide for Students, a Student Workbook, and a CD-ROM for facilitators.

AISO has been developed under the auspices of NACA and ACPA by two authors who are experts in organizational and leadership development, student affairs, and human resources management.

This is a unique, easy to use, and effective process that reflects input from student leaders.

An ACPA/NACA Publication

Tricia Nolfi

Tricia Nolfi has spent the past twenty years working in higher education in the areas of student centers and student activities, judicial affairs, student governance, leadership education, and human resources. In addition to administrative work, she has served as a course instructor in the area of leadership development. She currently serves as the Associate Director of Human Resources at Rutgers University providing direction for employee professional development programs, divisional marketing and outreach, employee recognition efforts, and new employee programs. Tricia has authored articles on student leadership development is editor of Advising Student Governments: Models for Practice and Strategies for Success (NACA Educational Foundation, 2000).

Brent D. Ruben

Brent D. Ruben, PhD, is a distinguished professor and executive director
of the Center for Organizational Development and Leadership at Rutgers
University. He is also a member of the faculties of the Rutgers PhD program
in higher education and the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine.
Ruben’s academic interests include human communication, organizational
leadership, planning, assessment, and change. He has authored numerous
publications including Excellence in Higher Education Guide (Stylus, 2016),
What Leaders Need to Know and Do (National Association of College and
University Business Offi cers, 2006), and Communication and Human Behavior
(Kendall Hunt, 2014; 5th edition with L. Stewart). Ruben was a founder
of the Rutgers School of Communication and Information, and he served as
a department chair and graduate program director. He is Rutgers liaison to
the Big Ten Academic Alliance leadership programs and serves as an adviser
to colleges and universities nationally and internationally.

student organizations; collegiate organizations; organizational culture; AISO; student-led college organizations; student leadership