Lecturing for Effective Learning DVDs Series

Lecturing for Effective Learning Disc One

Making Lessons Interesting

October 2007
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  • Publisher
    Stylus Publishing
  • Published
    30th October 2007
  • ISBN 9781579222956
  • Language English
  • Images 108 minutes

The first of two DVDs that identify and demonstrate the strategies that both engage students during lectures, and that have been identified by research as effective in promoting student learning. Video clips provide examples of actual classroom instruction by outstanding teachers at Stanford University, often supplemented by the teachers’ own insights and explanations.

The video sequences illustrate key principles and techniques that viewers can adapt to their own contexts and styles. Although all the clips present the teaching of mathematics, the natural and life sciences, and engineering, the content is readily understandable by instructors from other disciplines and presents no barrier to applying the methods and techniques to other fields.

The DVDs and documentation provide the theoretical background to the strategies, explain how they work, and discuss the relationships among them.

The complete documentation is available free on the Stylus Web site. The documentation offers suggestions on using the DVDs for self-study by faculty, for training of TAs, with informal groups, for faculty development and consultation, and for conducting workshops for faculty and students.

* This material was first published as video tapes under the titles of Effective Lecturing I & II and was distributed by Anker Press.

Summary of Contents:

Disc 1: Making Lessons Interesting
This DVD demonstrates presentation techniques that capture students’ attention and promote learning. The first part shows how to make content provocative and memorable through the use of dramatic illustrations, visual aids, suspense and surprise, and self-disclosure, and by challenging students intellectually. The second part illustrates the uses of emphasis in verbal and nonverbal communication, shows the impact of dramatic behavior, and the importance of varying presentation methods.
This DVD also demonstrates techniques for actively engaging students during lectures, such as posing questions, and creating opportunities for students to talk and listen, read, write, and reflect during class. It covers such methods as discussion, collaborative learning, small-group work, role-playing, simulations and more. It also illustrates the importance of adapting to and managing the classroom environment.

Disc 2: Clarity in Teaching and Classroom Environment
This DVD presents teaching strategies that promote students’ understanding by simplifying the material presented and adapting instruction to the diverse ways in which students learn, and by creating a supportive learning environment.

Nira Hativa

Nira Hativa who both researched and produced the DVDs, was a faculty developer/instructional specialist at both Stanford University and Tel Aviv University. Her research has concentrated on effective instruction in higher education.

higher education; teaching; pedagogy; lecturing