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Acting Locally

Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Environmental Studies

Edited by Harold Ward
January 1999
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  • Publisher
    Stylus Publishing
  • Published
    1st January 1999
  • ISBN 9781563770135
  • Language English
  • Pages 214 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Ninth in the Service-Learning in the Disciplines Series, this book discusses the pervasive use of service-learning in environmental studies programs and explains why it often is a required part of the environmental studies curriculum. Contributors from a wide range of college and university environmental studies programs discuss the benefits and challenges these programs provide and the consequent natural fit between environmental studies and service-learning.

About This Series by Edward Zlotkowski
Why Is Service-Learning so Pervasive in Environmental Studies Programs? by Harold Ward

Part One
An Undergraduate Course as a Consulting Company by James F. Hornig
The Challenges of Integrating Service-Learning in the Biology: Environmental Science Curriculum at Colby College by David H. Firmage and F. Russell Cole
Evolution of the Consultant Model of Service-Learning, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine by Lois K. Ongley, Curtis Bohlen, and Alison S. Lathrop
The Ethics of Community/Undergraduate Collaborative Research in Chemistry by Alanah Fitch, Aron Reppmann, and John Schmidt
Evolving a Service-Learning Curriculum at Brown University: Or, What We Learned From Our Community Partners by Harold Ward
A View From the Bottom of the Heap: A Junior Faculty Member Confronts the Risks of Service-Learning by Katrina Smith Korfmacher

Part Two
Raising Fish and Tomatoes to Save the Rustbelt by Eric Pallant
Fulfilling and Expanding the Mission of a Community College by Janice Alexander
Connecting With Human and Natural Communities at Middlebury College by John Elder, Christopher McGrory Klyza, Jim Northup and Stephen Trombulak
An Educational Strategy to Reduce Exposure of Urban Children to Environmental Lead: ENVS 404 at the University of Pennsylvania by Robert Giegengack, Walter Cressler, Peter Bloch, and Joanne Piesieski
Connecting the Classroom and the Community: A Southern California Experience by Nan Jenks-Jay
An Experiment in Environmental Service-Learning by Calvin F. Exoo
Service-Learning in Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont through a Senior Capstone Course on Environmental Problem Solving and Consulting by Thomas R. Hudspeth
Industrial Areas and Natural Areas: Service-Learning in Southeast Michigan by Orin G. Gelderloos
ALLARM: A Case Study on the Power and the Challenge of Service in Undergraduate Science Education by Candie C. Wilderman
Environmental Service and Learning at John Carroll University: Lessons From the Mather Project by Mark Diffenderfer

Afterword by Peter Blaze Corcoran

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service learning; environmental studies curriculum; consultant model of service learning; collaborative research