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Preparing for Success

A Practical Guide for Young Musicians

July 2012
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  • Publisher
    UCL IOE Press
  • Published
    18th July 2012
  • ISBN 9780854739035
  • Language English
  • Pages 285 pp.
  • Size 6.75" x 9.5"
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This book is a practical guide for young people around the world who wish to build a career as a professional musician. It is a useful resource that will help build a realistic professional vision, support development, and explicate what it takes to make a successful career. As well as providing lots of information, it offers practical tools and exercises to enable you to relate the information to your own situation, and to help realize your potential.

The book covers three main areas:
* exploring essential aspects of the learning process as a musician such as motivating yourself, setting goals, making the most out of tuition, practising and rehearsing, learning from your experience
* nurturing your creativity and expanding your experience and professional horizons
* mapping out the professional landscape and outlining vital parts of getting a career started.

"Hallam and Gaunt present accessible, down-to-earth guidance to (primarily classical) musicians as they prepare for a career, spanning the sometimes bewildering breadth and depth and rates of change of contemporary musical life. Rich examples, reflections, quotes and exercises give the volume real-world currency for advanced music learners. Preparing for success is a valuable contribution to an emerging body of literature that brings home the idea that it takes more than a focus on playing well to become a music professional in the twenty-first century."

Professor Huib Schippers, Director - , Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University

"I am delighted that such a comprehensive, motivating and superbly researched book has been produced that focuses on the development of rewarding and sustainable careers in music.
Music is such an important part of all our lives; almost everyone, from all nations or cultures, is engaged in some way with music on a daily basis. And yet, in terms of career development, little support or guidance is usually given to those who are musically gifted; those who put in countless hours of hard practice from a young age; those who often commit their entire lives to the creation, performance, and recording of music for all our benefit.
This book is therefore an extremely welcome addition to the literature, containing as it does a wealth of highly relevant and detailed case studies and exercises, plus inspirational ideas and sound advice.
So whether your passion is for classical, jazz or popular music, if you want to make a success of your career and your future, then this book is essential reading!’ "

Paul Kirkham, Managing Director - , Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

"Preparing for Success is an excellent practical guide for anyone thinking seriously about pursuing a career in the music profession.

I thoroughly recommend this book for any young musician starting to consider a professional musical career. When I started my own professional study some 20 years ago, my main focus was on mastering the violin. What I now know is that a broader consideration of wider learning activities, the importance of mentoring and an analysis of the complexities of managing a portfolio career (as detailed in Preparing for Success) would have been invaluable."

Michelle Wright, Director - , Cause4

"Actively choosing a career in music is, in today's fast changing and highly competitive environment, both an incredibly difficult decision to make and yet for many aspiring and dedicated young musicians the only real career option they seriously consider. Hallam and Gaunt's impressive publication provides undoubtedly the most important contribution to the literature available to such young people at the cusp of professional training for the music industry, and should be considered an indispensable tool for individuals, music teachers, schools and entrants to further and higher education programmes of music education and training alike. Its practical exercises and pragmatic advice--not least the opening guidance on the use of the book--as well as the gateway it provides to a host of other related literature, provide an exemplary tool that supports the development of a host of vital skills, both transferable to other walks of life and invaluable to a lifelong career in music. An outstanding achievement."

Dr. Claire Mera-Nelson, Director of Music - , Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

1) So you want to pursue a career in music...
2) Learning, setting goals and motivating yourself
3) Practising
4) Preparing for performance
5) Memorising
6) Making the most of individual lessons
7) Being creative in music
8) Getting involved in wider learning activities
9) Health and well-being
10) Career options
11) Getting your career started
12) Learning from your experience

Susan Hallam

Susan Hallam is Emerita Professor of Education and Music Psychology at the UCL Institute of Education.

Helena Gaunt

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