Critical Practice in Teacher Education

A Study of Professional Learning

October 2010
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  • Publisher
    UCL IOE Press
  • Published
    11th October 2010
  • ISBN 9780854738595
  • Language English
  • Pages 200 pp.
  • Size 6.25" x 9.75"

This timely book uncovers all of the processes that should be considered when high-quality teacher education is designed, delivered and studied around the world. Written by experienced teacher educators, this book shows what critical practice is and how it can be used to facilitate a deeper understanding of practice that draws upon personal experience and knowledge of theory, research and policy. Critical Practice in Teacher Education outlines a compelling argument that the best quality teacher education should not just be experienced in schools, but simultaneously in different overlapping communities, including those from the course and discipline or subject area.

Attention is directed towards how reading, writing and assessment are used with students to undertake tasks such as developing portfolios, participating in reflective discussions and writing autobiographically, and to how this can develop their intellectual identities and practical judgement. The book presents five in-depth case studies, each of which tell a particular story from a particular subject perspective, illustrating how a range of approaches can be taken on initial teacher training and Masters-level courses. Each story features descriptions of challenges and assignments along with excerpts of the students’ responses.

Critical Practice in Teacher Education is a must for all policy-makers, teacher educators and their students, school-based mentors and local authorities who want to understand, improve and develop the quality of teachers’ professional development

"An absolute must have for all teacher educators, mentors and their students at a time when the integration of theory and practice is paramount to, not only, the introduction of the Masters in Teaching and Learning but also to the development of outstanding teachers.The chapters in Critical Practice in Teacher Education all view professional learning as a critical practice taken from different perspectives and all succeed in embedding these within the context of schools and universities."

Tanya Riordan Course Leader - , University of Portsmouth

“This book gives a considered and realistic account of the debates and tensions around policy, research, theory and practice that currently preoccupy all teacher educators and provides some valuable examples of perspectives and approaches to resolving these within the different ITE and CPD programmes of the Institute of Education.”

Cathy Pomphrey, Formerly Academic Leader for Initial Teacher Education - , Formerly London Metropolitan University

“Although this case is set in the UK, it should be required reading for teacher educators and policymakers everywhere.”

Ken Zeichner, Boeing Professor of Teacher Education - , University of Washington

“The text is an excellent, reflective exploration and justification of a process of learning to become a teacher in the modern world.”

Professor Kit Field, Dean of the School of Education - , University of Wolverhampton

“The teacher educators who have contributed to this volume offer a powerful alternative to the sterile educational model of standards-based reforms...[The book] speaks back to such reforms, providing grounds for hope that we may one day be able to establish and education system that is genuinely inclusive and truly democratic.”

Professor Brenton Doecke, Faculty of Arts and Education - , Deakin University

Part 1 Overview
1) The Nature of Teacher Knowledge and Understanding—Ruth Heilbronn
2) Situated Contexts for Professional Practice—John Yandell
3) Critical Reflection on Practice—Ruth Heilbronn
Part 2 Requirements for Professional Learning
4) The Principled Practitioner: A Model of Knowledge Acquisition—Shirley Lawes
5) Reading Into Writing—Liz Wright
6) Reflective Writing—Anne Turvey
7) Learning to Teach and Discourses of Performativity—Jane Perryman
Part 3 Modes of Learning and Assessment
8) Portfolios for Professional Learning—Karen Turner
9) Theatre in Education—Anton Franks
10) Learning to Teach Geography—Clare Brooks
11) Music, Musicians and Learning Modes—Kate Laurence and Pauline Adams
12) Foreign Language Education: Preparing for Diversity—Verna Brandford

Ruth Heilbronn

Ruth Heilbronn teaches at the Institute of Education, University of London and is a specialist in philosophy of education and languages in education.

John Yandell

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