Bedford Way Papers Series 32

Education in a Global City

Essays from London

January 2008
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    UCL IOE Press
  • Published
    18th January 2008
  • ISBN 9780854737925
  • Language English
  • Pages 332 pp.
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Urban education has become a central focus for education practitioners, researchers and policymakers worldwide. The Institute of Education has been closely involved in developments in London education for over a century. This publication reviews recent developments in education in London, drawing upon current research and knowledge, offering an academic analysis of current trends and problems, and making proposals on ways forward for the future of education in London.

"[T]he future-oriented, positive outlook of this collection is a welcome one and I have no doubt that this set of essays will provide an invaluable resource to academics and research students studying urban education and London as a case study more specifically."

- Cambridge Journal of Education, Sumi Hollingworth

"The authors hope that the essays will stimulate thinking among urban educators in the UK and internationally... They hope to stimulate research and debate. This collection of essays on educational issues in London should certainly achieve this, as well as being of interest to those who live and teach in London and those who grapple with similar issues elsewhere."

Margaret Camina, School of Education and Lifelong Learning, University of East Anglia - , Urban Studies

Acknowledgements; Introduction—Tim Brighouse and Leisha Fullick; 1) The London Context—Ruth Lupton and Alice Sullivan; 2) Global City School Systems—Anne Sofer; 3) The London Challenge: A Personal View—Tim Brighouse; 4) Comprehensive Schooling and Social Inequality in London: Past, Present and Possible Future—Sandra Leaton Gray and Geoff Whitty; 5) Does Every London Child Matter? The New Agenda for Children in London—Janet Mokades; 6) The School Workforce in London—Sara Bubb and Peter Earley; 7) Reconfiguring Urban Leadership: Some Lessons for London—Hilary Emery and Kathryn Riley; 8) Ethnic Diversity in London Schools—Jan McKenley; 9) ‘Miss, Who Needs the Languages of Immigrants?’—London’s Multilingual Schools—Dina Mehmedbegovic; 10) A Pan-London Approach to 14-19 Learning: A Figment of the Imagination or a Potential Reality?—Paul Grainger, Ann Hodgson and Ken Spours; 11) Adult Learners in a Global City—Leisha Fullick; 12) London: Present Lessons—Future Possibilities—Tim Brighouse, Leisha Fullick, Ruth Lupton and Anne Sofer; Notes on the Authors.

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