Bedford Way Papers Series 31

Educational Resource Management

An International Perspective

January 2008
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  • Publisher
    UCL IOE Press
  • Published
    18th January 2008
  • ISBN 9780854737819
  • Language English
  • Pages 230 pp.
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This book outlines the growing understanding of financial and resource management in schools and colleges, explaining the context of an open systems model and the implications of this for resource allocation at national and institutional levels. Within this framework, the authors consider resource planning, budgeting, and control and evaluation, in addition to the particular issues of asset management and stewardship. The book makes use of current literature, as well as drawing upon examples from international practice throughout.

"The book begins with a helpful articulation of the environment in which educational organisations operate, together with the public/private dichotomies in terms of funding and benefits. A focus on the allocation of public finance is followed by more technical sections concerning cost structures and the processes that underpin budgetary preparation, allocation, control and evaluation, together with a sprint through the principles of asset management and capital expenditure.
The book is published at a timely moment given the ever more forensic scrutiny of education by government and policymakers. It sets out a clear framework and associated guidance on managing financial resources and the evident tensions that decision-making in that context leads to. In one chapter, for example, the authors begin to explore the perennial notions of effectiveness, efficiency and value for money.
Further on there is a powerful message that, however aware of theory and theoretical positions one is, the 'predominating management style of the organisation will affect the philosophy and practice of resource allocation.'
The book does fulfil its stated purpose. It is useful as a reference book and could grace the shelf of any educational manager."

Times Higher Education Supplement

Foreword; 1) Educational Organisations and Their Environment; 2) Funding Education—Public and Private Systems; 3) The Allocation of Public Finance to Education; 4) Cost Structures in Education; 5) The Allocation of Resources within an Educational Organisation; 6) Budget Preparation; 7) Financial Control and Monitoring; 8) Evaluating the Use of the Budget; 9) Asset Management and Capital Expenditure; 10) Conclusions; References; Subject Index; Author Index.

Derek Glover

Derek Glover is Honorary Professor of Education at the University of Keele and Research Fellow at the University of London, Institute of Education.

Ros Levacic

Ros Levacic is Professor of Economics and Finance of Education at the Institute of Education, University of London.