Bedford Way Papers Series 22

Teaching in Further Education

New Perspectives for a Changing Context

December 2005
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  • Publisher
    UCL IOE Press
  • Published
    30th December 2005
  • ISBN 9780854737000
  • Language English
  • Pages 216 pp.
  • Size 5.875" x 8.33"

Norman Lucas contends that further education (FE) is fundamentally divided and that the practices of FE teachers are best understood by appreciating the diversity of needs of FE students. He shows that the tensions between the divisions, diversity and growing regulation are at the hub of the many challenges facing policy makers and FE teachers.

This book opens up a debate on three fundamental issues:
• the FE sector is too diverse and needs to be realigned to give institutions and teachers a clearer strategic and professional focus
• the present ‘industrial’ national occupational standards should be abandoned in favour of professional standards akin to that of schoolteachers
• the diversity, variety and specializations of FE teachers and the wide ranging needs of FE learners requires the practice of FE teachers to be redefined.

This book is an invaluable addition to the largely under-research area of further education and is essential reading for teachers, policy makers and students who need a broader perspective and understanding.

"This account of the history of FE is arguably the best available… Professor Lucas argues with some force that teachers in further education, like teachers in schools and in higher education, should be located in a professional model with professional, not occupational standards."

Colin Flint - Times Educational Supplement

Norman Lucas

Norman Lucas is Director of Post-Compulsory Teacher Education at the Institute of Education, University of London.