Ecological Engineering for Pest Management

Advances in Habitat Manipulation for Arthropods

October 2004
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    5th October 2004
  • ISBN 9780851999036
  • Language English
  • Pages 256 pp.
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Habitat manipulation comprises biological control, crop rotations, crop diversity, flower strips, natural enemy refuges etc, and is a powerful tool for suppressing arthropod pest populations. It offers scope for farmers to avoid ‘high tech’ approaches, and reliance on powerful pesticides, and is the backbone of organic and traditional farming systems. This book examines the broad range of theoretical, methodological and applied approaches currently used, and captures state-of-the-art thinking by key international researchers and practitioners.

"Students and researchers in ecological engineering and pest management will find this study very useful for research and day to day study."

- Educational Book Review

"This book achieves its main objective, to promote ecological engineering for pest management as a rigorous scientific discipline. It will make excellent reading for advanced ecology students as well as pest control practitioners."

- BES Bulletin

* Ecological engineering, habitat manipulation and pest management
* Genetic engineering and ecological engineering: a clash of paradigms or scope for synergy?
* The agroecological bases of ecological engineering for pest management
* The landscape context of arthropod biological control
* Use of behavioural and life-history studies to understand the effects of habitat manipulation
* Molecular techniques and habitat manipulation approaches for parasitoid conservation in annual cropping systems
* Marking and tracking techniques for insect predators and parasitoids in ecological engineering
* Precision agriculture approaches in support of ecological engineering for pest management
* The ecology and management of insect pest populations in tropical agroforestry systems
* The ‘push-pull’ strategy for stemborer management: a case study in exploiting biodiversity and chemical ecology
* Use of sown wildflower strips to enhance natural enemies of agricultural pests
* Habitat manipulation for insect pest management in cotton cropping systems
* Engineering farmland for enhanced pest control: added value for wildlife conservation
* Ecological engineering for pest management: towards a rigorous science

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