Quarantine Pests for Europe

December 1996
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    1st December 1996
  • ISBN 9780851991542
  • Language English
  • Pages 1440 pp.
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*Data sheets on quarantine pests for the European Union and for the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization.

This book is the result of collaboration between EPPO and CAB INTERNATIONAL, sponsored by the Commission of the European Union, to prepare data sheets on pests of plants of quarantine significance for Europe and the Mediterranean region. Coverage extends to insects, mites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes and parasitic plants. It includes organisms that are found outside Europe and the Mediterranean that present a risk to this region, as well as those that are present but have restricted distribution and are subject to phytosanitary controls. The format of the FAO model data sheet is followed, using standard headings: identity, hosts, geographical distribution, biology, detection and identification, means of movement and dispersal, pest significance (including economic impact, control and phytosanitary risk), phytosanitary measures, and bibliography.

The first edition of this book was published in December 1992, and consisted of 188 data sheets, some covering groups of similar organisms. During the intervening four years, pests have been added to the EU and EPPO lists and changes have occurred in host range, geographical distribution, taxonomy and pest status of many of the organisms described. All data sheets have therefore been revised, some data sheets covering groups of similar organisms have been split up and 56 new sheets added, resulting in a total of 300 data sheets. The second edition will continue therefore to represent a definitive reference source, not only for those with specific interests in plant quarantine, but also for all concerned with pest management.

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