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Fur Seals and Sea Lions

August 2013
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  • Publisher
    CSIRO Publishing
  • Published
    21st August 2013
  • ISBN 9780643096929
  • Language English
  • Pages 160 pp.
  • Size 6.625" x 9.5"
  • Images 45 illus & 16 color photos

Fur seals and sea lions are large, charismatic carnivores that play and engage the public with both their skill and their dog-like appearance. Fur seals and sea lions are top level predators in southern Australian marine ecosystems and were harvested to near extinction 200 years ago. Fur seals are now recovering and are a common feature of islands and near-shore waters across southern Australia, and may reach pre-harvest levels in the next few decades. Sea lions, however, are still endangered and their numbers appear not to be recovering like fur seals and have declined at some locations. All species interact with fisheries, often to the detriment of both fishery and seal.

This book outlines the comparative evolutionary ecology, biology, life-history, behavior, conservation status, threats, history of human interactions and latest research on the three species of otariids that live in the waters of southern Australia: the Australian fur seal, New Zealand fur seal and Australian sea lion. It also includes brief descriptions of Antarctic and Subantarctic seals that occupy the Antarctic pack-ice and remote Australian territories of Macquarie Island and Heard Island.

"An impressively detailed, yet thoroughly accessible text makes the information readily accessible and recommended for both biology students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in these animals. …Fur Seals and Sea Lions is very highly recommended for both community and academic library wildlife reference collections."

- Library Bookwatch

1 Introduction
2 Evolution and recent history
3 Morphology and physiology: adaptations to marine life
4 Seals in southern australia
5 Reproductive biology
6 Foraging ecology
7 Population biology
8 Conservation and management

Roger Kirkwood

Roger Kirkwood is a Research Scientist at the Phillip Island Nature Parks, Victoria.

Simon Goldsworthy

Simon Goldsworthy is a Principal Research Scientist with the South Australian Research and Development Institute.