Pest Management of Turfgrass for Sport and Recreation

November 2016
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  • Publisher
    CSIRO Publishing
  • Published
    28th November 2016
  • ISBN 9780643095144
  • Language English
  • Pages 312 pp.
  • Size 6.625" x 9.625"
  • Images 97 color & 15 b/w illus
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Vital for a game of cricket or golf and enjoyable when picnicing in the park, turfgrass provides a wide range of aesthetic and recreational benefits. However, managed turfgrass is prone to damaging outbreaks of insects and mites. Pest Management of Turfgrass for Sport and Recreation is the first comprehensive work on the plant-eating insects and mites of the grass and non-grass species currently maintained as ornamental lawns and sports turf playing surfaces throughout Australia, the South Pacific and South-East Asia.

This book provides an industry reference for the identification of pests affecting the roots, stems and leaves of turfgrass and control of these species through integrated pest management. It contains information on the distribution, ecology and biology of pests and how to monitor them. The integrated pest management approach outlined in the book includes natural environmental controls, beneficial and predatory species of arthropods, resistant cultivars and insecticidal and miticidal pesticides.

Pest Management of Turfgrass for Sport and Recreation is an essential manual for managers of sportsgrounds, bowling greens, lawn tennis courts, golf courses, racecourses, ornamental landscapes, amenity parklands, public reserves and turf farms.

* The standard industry reference for all managers of amenity recreation, sports turf surfaces and commercial turf farms
* Gives up-to-date information on the distribution, identification and life cycle of all known insect and mite pests of turf grasses
* Covers a wide range of major and lesser known non-grass species used for amenity lawn grass and sports turf surfaces
* Well illustrated with color photographs and diagrams

About the authors
1: Dynamic world of turfgrass pests
2: Insect and mite morphology and development
3: Monitoring for turfgrass pests
4: Turfgrass integrated pest management
5: Root-feeding insects
Colour plates
6: Stem-feeding pests
7: Foliage-feeding insects and mites
8: Modern turfgrass insecticides and miticides

Gary Beehag

Gary Beehag has extensive experience in the turfgrass industry and qualifications in greenkeeping, horticulture, pest control and teaching. He worked as a consultant for the Australian Turfgrass Research Institute (ATRI). Gary has written numerous magazine and journal articles and spoken at many conferences nationally and internationally.

Jyri Kaapro

Jyri Kaapro is Research Manager at Bayer, where he works in product development for the turfgrass industry. He was previously employed as a Research Manager at the Australian Turfgrass Research Institute and he holds a Master of Agriculture (Turf Management) from the University of Sydney.

Andrew Manners

Andrew Manners has over 15 years’ experience in integrated pest management. He is currently employed in pest and disease management at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries’ Ecosciences Precinct and manages its Grow Help service.