CSIRO Publishing Gardening Guides Series

Creating Your Eco-Friendly Garden

January 2009
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  • Publisher
    CSIRO Publishing
  • Published
    16th January 2009
  • ISBN 9780643094949
  • Language English
  • Pages 168 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9.5"
  • Images color photos

• Very practical and well illustrated
• Based on a wealth of personal experience
* Shows how to develop a garden economically

This book shows people how to create an eco-friendly garden from scratch or by redeveloping an existing garden. It is practical, simply written and based on the author’s own first-hand experience and the wealth of knowledge amassed during the course of her job at Grass Roots, Australia’s most popular self-sufficiency magazine. The author’s aim is that readers will gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to develop a garden in their own individual style to suit the needs of their family, in an environmentally friendly manner and for little cost.

The book begins by advising the reader on how to assess their own situation regarding soil, climate, orientation and influence of surrounding buildings and vegetation. It guides them in deciding on the style of garden that suits them best and gives advice on obtaining plants, planting times, watering options and drought-proofing a garden and pest management following organic principles.

Environmental values feature strongly throughout the book, including: water efficiency; biodiversity; soil conservation; use of recycled materials; organic methods; use of native and similarly waterhardy, biodiversity-friendly plants; avoidance of environmental weeds.

"Mary Horsfall's book Creating your Eco-Friendly Garden is an excellent introduction to all aspects of this topic for the first-time gardener as well as providing many useful hints for the more experienced."

- Eco News

"Australian garden writer Mary Horsfall shares her experiences in developing an environmentally friendly landscape on a suburban site in north-central Victoria. Although garden styles and native plants may differ significantly from those on the North American continent, her guide is full of practical advice for gardeners everywhere. She emphasizes the importance of encouraging biodiversity and directs the reader into planning and planting in order to attract wildlife. The text includes tips on obtaining plants; soil preparation and construction; the best time to plant; alternatives in irrigation and drought protection; and finally, safe methods of disease and pest control. A useful glossary, a listing of drought tolerant plants, and full color illustrations coordinated with instructions are appealing features in this publication."

- Chicago Botanic Garden

"The ultimate success of the eco-friendly garden depends on continued development of healthy soil, encouraging biodiversity, trying companion planting, rotating crops, physical removal and exclusion of pests, traps and lures, and homemade and commercial organically acceptable sprays. These topics are well covered in much detail."

Frank Mitch, Men’s Garden Club of Akron & National Director Central Great Lakes Region - Gardeners of America/Men's Garden Clubs of America

"Water efficiency, biodiversity, soil conservation, use of native and biodiversity-friendly plants, organic methods, use of recycled materials and avoidance of environmental weeds are themes that feature strongly throughout the book, and which will appeal to gardeners with strong environmental values."

- , The Weekly Times

"DIY meets eco-warrior on the domestic front. Good read with great ideas."

- , Subtropical Gardening Magazine

Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1) Taking Stock, Setting Goals; 2) The Biodiversity Connection; 3) Perfecting a Plan; 4) Obtaining Your Plants; 5) Preparation and Construction; 6) Planting Time; 7) Waterwise Options; 8) Safe Solutions to Pest Problems; 9) The Plots Develop; 10) Drought Proofing; Appendix 1: Plants for Particular Places; Appendix 2: Glossary; Appendix 3: Bibliography; Index.

Mary Horsfall

Mary Horsfall has over 30 years experience in organic gardening, including 23 years growing self-sufficiency food crops organically in a dry-summer environment with only dam and tank water. Mary is an editor and writer for Grass Roots magazine, where she has worked for 18 years. Mary also wrote Creating Your Eco-friendly Garden and Fabulous Food from Every Small Garden.