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Kumarian Press was founded in 1977 to respond to the expressed need for books on international development and management that were geared to the needs of developing countries. With one of the co-founders from Africa and the other having lived and worked extensively in developing countries, they established Kumarian as a forward-looking scholarly and academic press whose publishing program promotes active international engagement and an awareness of global connectedness.

Kumarian's range of topics has expanded over the years to include issues of globalization, peace and conflict resolution, human rights, the environment, women and gender, NGOs and civil society, microfinance, health, and the interaction between the richer and poorer societies. We were pioneers in publishing books emphasizing the people-centered approach to development.

The authors that Kumarian publishes are not content merely to analyze problems but seek to find holistic answers that deal with the ethical and moral/spiritual aspects as well as the economic, managerial, administrative and political aspects. Kumarian has an optimistic outlook and its authors tend to be not only well informed and articulate but passionate advocates and activists.

Kumarian Press became an imprint of Stylus Publishing on April 25, 2008.