Stylus Online Policies

Stylus is committed to publishing books of quality, providing reliable service, and protecting your rights as a consumer and online citizen.  Our guiding principles are:
1. Prompt shipping
We normally ship within 48 hours of order receipt.  Within the U.S., we ship by UPS.

2. Fair shipping charges
See details on our charges in our online order form and our Shopping Cart.

3. Friendly, helpful customer service
Our trained and knowledgeable customer service staff will help you resolve any problems.  Call us for help during business hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time) at 1-800-232-0223; or e-mail us at

4. Respect for your privacy
We will not share your e-mail address or other personal information with third parties.  Any information you provide is only available to Stylus and the publishers we distribute, who in turn will also respect your privacy.  Your details will not be made available to any other parties.

5. Security
We operate a secure site, so you can order safely.

John von Knorring,
President and Publisher.