Forensic Psychotherapy Monograph Series
Series Editor: Brett Kahr

  Anxiety at 35,000 Feet
An Introduction to Clinical Aerospace Psychology

  Consulting to Chaos
An Approach to Patient-Centred Reflective Practice

  Dangerous Patients
A Psychodynamic Approach to Risk Assessment and Management

  Disabling Perversions
Forensic Psychotherapy with People with Intellectual Disabilities

  Envy is Not Innate
A New Model of Thinking

  Introduction to Social Dreaming
Transforming Thinking

  The Mind of the Paedophile
Psychoanalytic Perspectives

A Psychotherapeutic Investigation

  Playing with Dynamite
A Personal Approach to the Psychoanalytic Understanding of Perversions, Violence, and Criminality

  Psychic Assaults and Frightened Clinicians
Countertransference in Forensic Settings

  The Internal World of the Juvenile Sex Offender
Through a Glass Darkly then Face to Face

  Violence in Children
Understanding and Helping Those Who Harm

  Violent Adolescents
Understanding the Destructive Impulse